Join the Community Hub – Join the Summit Community Hub

Share your biggest takeaway from a presentation – Share your biggest takeaway from a presentation, either in the Summit Hub or on Social Media and tag me in: Facebook: @greentreeva Instagram: @greentreevauk LinkedIn: @orla nicholls Twitter: @greentreevauk

Be sure to tag the Speaker in too if you can, so they can see the incredible things you have to say about them!

Attend a live presentation – Watch any speaker’s presentation during the Summit. This shows up multiple times throughout the BINGO card and you can mark ONE off for each presentation you watch.

Attend a Table Talk – Every day at 1.30pm BST in the Social Lounge on Airmeet, there are virtual tables hosted by a Speaker who will conduct either a Q&A, discussion, short talk, drop in clinic etc These are usually interactive, so turn your video on to participate. You can find the list on the event schedule in the Summit Hub.

Use the Virtual Photobooth and post a selfie – Use the Summit Photobooth tab in the Summit Hub to take a framed selfie using your webcam, it will be emailed to you, then post it on the Photo Wall in the Summit Hub!