Attend a live presentation – Watch any speaker’s presentation during the Summit. This shows up multiple times throughout the BINGO card and you can mark ONE off for each presentation you watch.

Complete the worksheet for a presentation – Each speaker presentation will have a worksheet to go with it. Complete one of these to tick off this square.

Take part in one round of Speed Networking – In the Social Lounge on the Airmeet Platform, you can take part in Speed Networking. Click the button to be automatically matched with another attendee and have a 4 minute ‘get to know you’ one to one chat!

Complete and share one of the IG/FB Story graphics – We’ve got some fun Instagram & Facebook Story templates just for the Summit to learn more about you! Choose 2 and post them on your FB or Insta Stories and tag me to mark off this spot. Tags: Facebook @greentreeva Instagram @greentreevauk

Find an Accountability Partner, or Ask an Expert! – If you have purchased the All Access Pass you will have exclusive access to the Accountability Buddy message board thread in the Summit Hub. Post in there to find your partner to make progress with during the Summit. Everyone can also post in the ‘Ask an Expert’ thread to find someone with the skillset you need for any business or tech questions that have been bothering you for a while!